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Dongtai Mr D food co., LTD
    Dongtai d food co., LTD. Was established in the force2002Years of the company,The registered capital300Ten thousand yuan,Total assets1800More than ten thousand yuan,Cover an area of an area17000Square meters,The construction area13500Square meters,With standard workshop and advanced processing equipment and pesticide residue and microbial detection equipment。The company directly5000Mu pollution-free export vegetable base,And new street and its surrounding villages and towns of vegetables professional cooperatives have long-term and stable friendly relations of cooperation。Companies to adopt"Colleges and universities+The company+Farmers"Appoaches operation mode。Company's core team members hundred people,One of them80%Educated to degree level and above;Participating companies, led by nanjing agricultural university, university professor and scientific research personnel of honor for the company employees,In order to absorb in a timely manner、Using the latest scientific research achievements for vegetable production in colleges and universities;With the help of university of science and technology、Use of government power,The vegetable production base"Good agricultural practice"(English abbreviations"GAP")Management,And guide the new street near the town of vegetables professional cooperatives farmers to go organic vegetables、The way to develop green pollution-free vegetables。
Our production process
  • New equipment
  • The scene of the trim vegetables for cooking
  • The raw material
  • Raw materials
  • The manufacturing process
  • Processing machine
  • The machine
  • The machine
  Production and processing all kinds of frozen vegetables、Fruit sell well in the European Union、The United States、Canada、Australia、Japan、South Korea、The Middle East、In Africa and southeast Asia, more than 10 countries and regions,Has formed in major domestic cities and good chain distribution market network。Has now formed in processing all kinds of frozen fruits and vegetables5000The scale of tons。
Our specialty products
Enterprise dynamic ENTREPRISE NEWS

Shepherd 's-purse how kind?

The planting season Shepherd 's-purse in Yangtze river basin in the spring、In the summer、In the autumn3Season cultivation,Cultivation in spring2Late to next month4Late sowing,Cultivation in summer7Month to8Late sowing,Cultivation in autumn9Month to10Early sowing,Such as using plastic greenhouse cultivation,Can be in10Month to the next year2Early sowing at any time。Good choice to choose the site preparation belt drainage、Fertile、Less weed
Agricultural popular science AGRICULTYRAL SCIEMCE

The nutrition of broccoli little secret

There is a kind of most people love to eat vegetables,This kind of vegetables is broccoli,Broccoli is native to the eastern Mediterranean coast,At present, the north and the south are cultivated,Has become one of the main vegetables everyday。Broccoli nutritious,Containing proteins、Sugar、Fat、Vitamin and carotene,Similar nutrients in vegetables,Is known as“Vegetable crown”。The following10To tell you,For
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